It is useful for the lucky visitor of beautiful Chalkida to know a few things about the legendary tidal phenomenon of the Evripos Channel.
Its explanation has become a personal myth and sole pursuit in life for several people.

The continuous function of the phenomenon in accordance with the laws of nature, for thousands of years, shows us that each and every day is a carrier of eternity.
Some have believed they have explained it - and remained with this illusion.
Some others have comprehended its infinity and insolubility.

Explanations are for mortals. The Universe never requires explanations in order to carry on its course in the infinite space.

The tidal phenomenon of Chalkida, observed in the famous Evripos Channel, is a very rare phenomenon of a change of direction in the flow of the sea currents. This phenomenon has provoked the admiration and interest of humans from ancient times, not only from an astronomical and geophysical perspective but also a philosophical one.
The mystery and beauty of this phenomenon captivates the visitor, as its combination with the imprint of the channel creates a remarkable panorama.

The visitor is stunned, observing the change of the water's direction approximately every six (6) hours. The water flows at times from the north Evian Gulf to the south, and at times in the reversed direction, thus confirming the existence of the miraculous physical rules that operate in the frame of nature's cause and effect.

At the location of the old mobile bridge the phenomenon sees its culmination, the speed of the water flow reaching even 9 miles per hour and making the tidal phenomenon even more perceptible.


The arch-shaped mobile bridge, under which the change in the currents' flow occurs, has been established as a meeting point, because there one can achieve the perfect alternation of emotions in conjunction with the beauty of the landscape.
It is evident that at this location the universe conspires for the sake of Evia.

The bridge, connecting the two beautiful parts of the idyllic city, is combined with the stone-laid, wide and long pedestrian street along the seaside, where the visitor, enjoying his stroll, can observe the stars that follow, high on the arch of the sky, the course of the waters and give rise to a tide in one's psyche.

All this panorama causes one to escape from his personal limits and come in touch with the essence of life and the infinity of existence.
Observing the tidal phenomenon one discovers, each and every time, that he has never been there before, even though he may have witnessed it so many times.

This happens because the visitor every time finds a new opportunity to unveil the most beautiful moments of intensity and hope.
Chalkida, a popular and beloved rural centre, the city of ISAIOS, LYKOFRON, SKALKOTAS, ORESTIS MAKRIS, SKARIMBAS, KRIEZOTIS, MYTARAS, CHATZIARGIRI, KALLIA and ASLANIS, is going through a period of bright rennaisance.
It is the city where Aristoteles lived for several years and where,
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