Greeting by Stamatis Gavalis, President of Chalkida Sports Organization & Municipal Councillor

«Chess in the heart of Chalkida»

Gavalis-Stamatis.gif«Such a significant international athletic event is hosted by our city for the very first time. The 24th   International Chess Tournament "Acropolis" brings to our city the very best in today's sports community.

We welcome this important event and invite our people, particularly the younger ones, to learn about the sport of chess and attend the games. There are several hidden aspects of this sport, such as problem solving, that can be of interest to many people and contribute to the development of the sport. The greek chess family has ran an excellent course so far, with worthy athletes, trainers and executives of the highest level.

The tournament is also the crowning of the efforts of Chalkida Chess Academy, that for several years now adorns the sports community of Evia. We wish to pay tribute to the Greek Chess Federation and its co-organizers, the Ministry of Tourism, the Region of Attica, the Prefecture of Evia and T.E.D.K. of Evia for this undoubtedly successful venture.

We are certain that this event, along with other initiatives of the local authorities, the state and the sports authorities of Greece and Chalkida, bring us closer to a new era, when Sports, Tourism and Culture will once again stand united. They will stand united as part of a strategy for the development of our city, Chalkida. We, the Municipality of Chalkida and its Sports Organization, already move in that direction. By working together, we can make it.»

Stamatis Gavalis
President of Chalkida Sports Organization
& Municipal Councillor

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