Greeting of Chalkida Mayorship

foto-zebili.gifAs we all know, chess is a spiritual game, which helps in the direction of sharpening the character and the thought procedure.

   It is a rather encouraging fact that in the recent years in Greece chess is growing fast among the younger ages and this happens mainly due to the activity of the local chess clubs, like it is happening in the town of Chalkida, with the valuable contribution of the Chalkida Chess Academy ‘Palamidis o Evoevs’.

   The claim and the realization of the International Tournament of ‘Acropolis 2009’ in the town of Chalkida is one   of  the  most  important  events  that our town had the honor to organize and it is a unique opportunity of knowledge and experience for all of us, due to the top chessplayers that takes part into the competition.

   I would like to congratulate the Greek Chess Federation, the president and the members of the Chalkida Chess Academy ‘Palamidis o Evoevs’, the participants and anybody that contributed to the realization of this international event and I kindly ask from our citizens to support this effort by their presence.

I wish to everybody a great success.

Thanasis Zempilis
Mayor of Chalkida

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