Greeting of the Prefect of Evia, Mr. Thanasis Bourandas

bourantas.jpgIt is a great honour for the city of Chalkida and the Prefecture of Evia to host the international and widely recognised "Acropolis" tournament, which is successfully organized by the Greek Chess Federation.

The sport of chess is one of the most demanding and creative games, combining intense mental effort and intelligence with focussing on the aim, discipline and strategy. It is no accident that chess attracts millions of people all over the world and that the "homeric" battles of its champions have been etched in memory as showcasing the greatness of human thought and willpower.

Such high-level events highlight our country abroad, promote the sport in the best possible way and provide young people with motivation to learn, study and love chess through the magical atmosphere of a tournament.

Thus, as the Prefectural Authority of Evia, we welcome the athletes, the trainers and all people involved in the event, wish success and expect the people of our city, especially our young citizens, to join us in following the efforts of the participating athletes.

Thanasis Bourandas
Prefect of Evia

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