Greeting of the General Secretary of the Region of Attica

maniatis.jpgGreece is undoubtedly the "birthplace" of two concepts that are inseparably connected with our world as we know it today. Democracy and Culture.

Throughout the centuries, these two concepts have been tied to yet another: sport. Sport, that is itself inseparably connected with the exercise of the spirit, the cultivation of the mind.

Chess is the ultimate activity combining mental exercise with sport, as it is a wisely structured game that requires foresight and combinational thought, but also great reserves of patience, perception, discipline, intuition and courage.

The Region of Attica, within this frame, actively supports the Greek Chess Federation in the organization of the 24th International Chess Tournament "Acropolis 2009", as it considers that the critical perception and the spiritual and moral upheaval offered by chess constitute those essential ingredients that can lead Greece even higher.

For me personally, this tournament has a special significance, as it is held in Chalkida, the city where I grew up and still reside. The city that, with the help of its human resources, can advance even further and become an ambassador of culture and sports in its greater region.

I warmly congratulate the Greek Chess Federation for the development and cultivation of the sport of chess all over Greece, as well as for the realization of the 24th International Chess Tournament "Acropolis 2009", and I am convinced that the Greek chessplayers will have the possibility of proving their high class.

Charalampos Maniatis
General Secretary of the Region of Attica

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